Friday, December 24, 2004

On The Eve of Christmas

Ah, December 24th! I have been terrible about updating this blog, which was meant to be a journal of sorts. I hesitate to say that I will make a New Year's resolution to post on a regular basis...our life on the farm, along with full time babysitting of an active 22 month old grandson does not allow for "regular" scheduling - LOL!

But, my farm business did make a new purchase for me this week - finally, a digital camera that I am determined to make very good use of, and that will make adding photos to both this blog and the website much easier - I hope and pray ;) As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so hopefully there will be many good picture/words in the future of this blog.

First, I think I should try to master the side bar and links and such. My blog friend and fellow Michigander, Marguerite, has sent me some tips that I believe will help me out.

Merry Christmas everyone! Since rededicating my life to Jesus in my adult years, Christmas and Christmas Eve have taken on a much more satisfying sense of awe and anticipation of the symbolic day. A few years ago, I heard a pastor preach a Christmas message that raised the question of what the atmosphere and attitude in Heaven must have been as Jesus prepared to come to earth as a baby born. I think on that sometimes....

More pictures and regular posts coming soon, I think (hope)!