Friday, November 30, 2007

While Its Still November....

Looks like blogging only once a month is becoming a habit for me - LOL! I'd really like to blog once a week, but sometimes don't get the chance. Maybe next month ~ famous last words, right?

I couldn't let November go by, though, without noting a memorable event in our family. My daughter's 30th birthday ;D We got to celebrate with family...those who were such an important part of helping me raise this very special young woman. I did not do such a good job by myself, but thankfully I have a large and close-knit family who wouldn't let me fail. Here is a picture of my child with her youngest son, and her horse, Lisa. And yes, Aunt Mo, those are Curious George pants!

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While wondering how my baby got to be thirty years old, I wonder, too, how Lisa got to be eighteen? My dad bought her for my daughter and me when she was only a weanling, six months old. It was a time of traumatic single motherhood/daughterhood and being the wise parent he is, Dad recognized a need for something postive for us to share.

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Lisa has filled that need for eighteen years now (nearly nineteen) and has shared many stories, tears and laughter. My daughter said once, when she was in high school, that Lisa was the best kind of friend because she always listened and never judged or told anyone else what you had said ;D I know that is true of many children and their horse. Lisa and Samantha are the only two horses left on the farm now, and they will live out there days here. We owe them much. Here they are together in pasture, Lisa is closest to the camera:

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I have been thinking about something else relating to these two horses and to horses and life. Lisa is my horse, Sam is Bill's (my husband). When we got married, of course Lisa came with us to this farm. Then came some times of adjustment, for both people and horses. Lisa had always been boss mare. Sam had always been boss mare. Neither one was willing to concede to the other. For all of the following years, we kept them in seperate pastures, because if they were together they squealed and kicked and bit and would not give in, one to the other, to co-exist.

It was a little like that for Bill and me at first. We had both been single for quite a few years. I was used to living my life and deciding for myself and my daughter. He was used to the same, as well as running a business and being the boss. We loved each other, there was no doubt, but there was adjustment. Luckily, we did not have to live in seperate pastures (grin) but it has taken a good bit of fifteen years and some life crisis' to teach us to appreciate each other! And we do.

When all the other horses left this farm in January, I knew I was not going to keep these girls in two different spots and make more work for myself. I put them together. There was some jostling for space. There was ear pinning. There was some half hearted grunts at each other. They are both to old and arthritic to put much effort into fighting. Besides, they were kind of lonely.

This summer saw them standing head to tail, swishing flies, or scratching each others withers (shoulders). They will even eat out of the same hay feeder now ;)

Finally, on this last day of November we also cheer Bill's oldest daughter, all the way out in Colorado with her husband and two precious boys (we just don't have enough time with them!) Today is her birthday and we are happy in knowing that (in Julie's own words) she is happy and fulfilled in her life ~ isn't that a wonderful thing to be able to say? Her bubbly voice and infectious laugh on the phone are always a treat to look forward to!

All in all, with daughters celebrating milestone birthdays; with changes in life that make me appreciate and love my husband with new respect and gratitude; with thanks for parents and family who watched out for my child and me when we weren't doing a very good job of it by ourselves; for the rhythm of life and passage of time that makes friends of old enemies...for all of these things and so very much more ~ I want to say "Thank you, God" while it is still November. Your hand was always on us, You were watching over us even when we didn't realize it was You. Thank you.

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