Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey or trimmings?

Sometimes there is more in the roaster than Thanksgiving dinner....

(Note: No food is ever cooked in this roaster for safety sake. It is dedicated to dyeing)

Friday, November 05, 2010

Serenity Farms Critters

I haven't posted many sheep photos this year, have I? Here are a few:

That third photo is of our new registered CVM/Romeldale ram lamb, Graham (the moorit with the blazed face) and his buddy, this years special bottle lamb Gordon (the white Corriedale) They are quite the pair! (Gordon would like to say hello to his special friend, Eva and her grandma)

And how about some other critters from around the farm? We have new chickens (Golden Lace Wyandottes, two hens and a rooster) These were the ugliest chicks but are beautiful as adults...

and we have ducks (Indian Runners). These ducks are constant entertainment, very smart (smarter than chickens, I think) plus are already giving us lovely bluish green eggs that are wonderful for cooking!:

Finally, our ever faithful mouse patrol, Christy the calico cat! She certainly has that fall color thing going, doesn't she?

We also have some new Light Brahma chickens and they are gorgeous and very, very personable. I need to get some pictures of them, too. Maybe when grandson Dylan comes for a visit. They are his chickens ;) I would definately recommend the breed to anyone thinking of trying least I say so now. We will see how they are at laying time, how they do through the winter. We have been so pleased with the Wyandottes in the past.