Monday, April 04, 2011

Dirt For The Chickens

And more weather...Are you tired of hearing about weather here on the farm? LOL, it sure seems to be on my mind lately! On Saturday I snapped this shot of some dust-bathing chickens to share with you that we had lost some of our snow:

(This might look like an odd pile of feathers, but really it was just that they had all piled together in the few feet of open ground we had. This also happens to be right where I walk, push the wheelbarrow, carry hay - and twist my ankle in the "chicken waller". There are four hens and one rooster in this picture!)

Sunday, we had fog and then snow. And more snow. And more snow, all falling quickly. Sleet was pelted the window. Early this morning we had thunder, lightning and heavy rain.

I'm always grateful for rain (well, nearly always - not so much at haying time). But this is what I am dreaming of today ~

How about you?

Friday, April 01, 2011

April Foolishness

I know it's lambing time and I will admit to being anxious to see more of the lambs from our new ram, but all I can think about is fiber!

We sheared a few weeks ago and while I was able to get through skirting most of the white Corriedale fleeces, the turn in the weather and other commitements have kept my hands out of the natural colors (greys, blacks, browns) I like to skirt outside in the natural light and it just hasn't been possible. But maybe today. I have reserved fleeces that need to make their way to their new homes and some fleeces that I am planning to keep for myself that I want to get my hands in and on.

Some of our raw fleeces (like Amanda's pictured above) go on to be billowing clouds of vanilla cream frosting like the combed top below, processed at Zeilingers Mill here in Michigan

Don't you just want to fall right in and roll around in all of that fibery goodness?

That is my April Foolishness ;) And if you are interested in some of your own (Serenity Farms wool, that is) please feel free to contact us at serenityfarmswool at yahoo dot com. We still have some raw fleeces available, as well as some of the combed top you see pictured above.