Monday, May 07, 2012

How About A Retreat For The Day?

Not just any retreat - a knitting retreat!  And not just any knitting retreat, but an afternoon spent at The Maple Cottage at Maple Valley Farm!  Wouldn't you love to spend a few hours delving into the wonderful world of wools and yarns and knitting notions, with kindly instruction on how to get started knitting for yourself (or a refresher if you have knit before but know there must be more to learn!)

We're going to look at knitting in its purest form - the basics, the road that leads you in all directions I hope ;)  You'll be knitting on pure Michigan wool yarn, raised and produced right here in state from friendly sheep in friendly Michigan pastures on our small family farm.  I'm so excited that Angie and family have offered me this opportunity to share my passion!

I believe there are still a few openings for the workshop, so if you're interested in sharing the day exploring something wonderful, creative, historical, useful and just plain fun in an inspiring homestead place please contact Angie directly at this link and I'll look forward to meeting you there!  And of course, if you have any questions about the learning I'll be happy to try and answer you.  By the way, we'll even be well fed our lunch near the wood cook stove by the Maple Valley Farm crew (something you really should experience - its amazing).  The date is this Thursday, May 10 from noon till 3 pm.

P.S.  You'll be going home with a "goodie-bag" of knitting necessities, too - everything you need to take the course and more!