Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yarn With Broccoli ;)

I thought this title might make you smile ;)

I've been knitting, making mittens mostly.  I'd started a pair with some commercial yarn as a possible fall project for my LYS.  It was horrible yarn!  The colors "bled" terribly (dye wasn't set and came out in a soak); it "pooled" (made ugly blocks of color in the knitting) and it split and fuzzed up.  UGH!  Besides all that, it costs a lot for a small amount of yardage.  It was a yarn our yarn shop owner was trying out, considering carrying in the store.  My vote was two thumbs down, and I didn't even finish the project.

I comforted myself by pulling out some of our own farm yarn to make a nice cable-y mitten pattern.  Ahhh, bliss!  I can't show you the mittens yet, nor can I name the pattern because they're a gift to someone who reads this blog and she might guess that they are for her ;)  Once she's received them, I'll share a picture and more details.  I can show you the Corriedale yarn, though ~

Yarn from some of our favorite white sheep, some of them still grazing in our pastures.  Yarn spun right here in Michigan from friendly people who know our name.  Warm wooden needles and happy yellow flowers in the garden,  makes me happy!  I'm reminded of the slogan "Life's to short to knit with ugly yarn", LOL!

You might be wondering where the broccoli comes into this post.  Well, the broccoli in my garden was a bust this year.  The beautiful early plants were eaten by a critter - most likely one of the zillion rabbits that roamed the area this summer.  My later plantings grew into pretty plants, but didn't form heads.  Still, they are attractive in the garden as foliage, so when I was doing the "photo shoot" for this post I had it as a backdrop for one of the pictures.  What do you think?  Still Life With Yarn and Broccoli! 

Luckily my brother had some very nice broccoli from his garden.  How about you?