Monday, December 03, 2012

F is for Fiber

(In this picture are two of our yearling Corriedale ewes on pasture this summer.  They are Hilda on the left and Hayley on the right.  Some wonderful wool on the hoof!)

In my last long-ago post, I wrote about a lovely trip I was able to make to the Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival the end of September.  That was so much fun!  Well, in October I went to another Michigan festival, this time heading southeast to Ann Arbor and Fiber Expo.  What a treat and I can't wait to go back next year. 

It was my first opportunity to attend and we had so much fun that we went back for the second day.  I was on the hunt for inspiration (grin) and for some longwool to spin.  I love, love, love my soft and fine Corriedales but every once in a while I like to spin something more rustic.  This delightful festival did not disappoint!  I came home with my creative energy renewed and just enough different fibers to spin and enjoy.  Vendors were relaxed and I had as much fun visiting as I did shopping.  I came away with Romney from 3 L & S Farms; Coopworth from my friends the Wagners at Hidden Valley Farms; a really rustic Icelandic roving from Michigan Icelandic Co-Op and finally the most amazing llama yarn from Clark Farms in Bellaire Michigan.

I did get just a bit sidetracked into softness and couldn't resist some divine Angora blend roving and yarn from Keeping Traditions - not just nice product but super nice people!

The Icelandic roving is already spun and turned into slippers.  The Angora is also spun up and waiting to become part of a pair of mittens.  The Romney is on the wheel now, the Coopworth and Llama will get their turn soon!  In the meantime, two very large boxes of incredible Corriedale combed top arrived on our doorstep from Zeilingers Wool Mill. 

Hmmm, the longwools might get set aside for awhile....

ETA - Kathy and Jody, I'll try to get some photos of the combed top as soon as possible!  Thank you for asking ;)