Monday, May 18, 2015

Delicious Success!

Caramel-Sea Salt Macaron
I owe many thanks to Angela at Parisienne Farmgirl for my newly discovered delicious obsession ~ French Macarons!  Her tutorial is delightful, helpful, fun and inspiring and my first attempts at these delicate treats was a success*.  You would not believe how quickly my family devoured them and were begging for more (I couldn't believe it myself, one minute I had a tray full of cookies, the next only crumbs)!  I must oblige, mustn't I?  

If somehow you've never visited the Parisienne Farmgirl's family farm blog, you really should right now...And if you want to lose yourself in the love of a decadent little treat, take her tutorial on how to make the cookies (its worth it just to watch her adorable children gobbling them up at the end, LOL!)  You can find it at the link above. 

*I will say that my cookies spread a bit and so were a little larger than the bite size I intended.  It was a humid day when I made these and I think I should have whipped the egg whites just a little longer.  Angela has included troubleshooting tips in the video, very helpful.