Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Random Sheep

Hello!  How is everyone this summer?  We're doing well here at the farm, I think.  To much to say, not enough to say...I'm not sure which it is for this blog post but I thought I'd at least sit down and share some random sheep shots (photos) from my camera.  I hope you enjoy them...

From top to bottom, they are Hannah and her twins, ram and ewe.  We only had three white lambs born this year (I used a natural colored ram on everyone)  These two are stunning.  Second photo is our dear Ainsley (center of photo), oldest girl in the flock now, surrounded by yearlings.  Third photo shows how big the lambs are getting.  Only two months old in this picture!  Everyone has their heads buried in hay because I had to shut them out of pasture for a few days while we clipped weeds.  Lots of rain and lots of growth this year and with fewer sheep, they just aren't keeping ahead of it (a good problem to have actually!)  And lastly, I had to sleep in a fiber picture, didn't I?  Corriedale locks, washed and combed, and just a dream to spin!

As usual, these photographs show our flock of Corriedale sheep and their wool.  Be back soon with some finished knitting projects and hopefully more lamb pics!