Monday, October 17, 2016

Farm Yarn Friday...on a Monday

Update 1-18-2017 ~ "Wisewoman" is now sold out, but there will more available later this spring.  I'll leave this post up for reference!

Because I set a schedule and unrealistic goals for myself, because real life and no time for the computer gets in the way of updating things in a timely fashion...this new feature I was hoping for ~ Farm Yarn Friday ~ is coming to you on Monday this week.  Hopefully, this means you'll see two yarns this week, one today and one actually on Friday!
It has definitely felt like fall here in the mitten this past week (I love it!)  And the moon has been brilliant.  Finally, wool weather has arrived in full force!

Today's Farm Yarn Friday is going to highlight one of the Corriedale~Alpaca blends. A 3-ply, heavy fingering weight, processed right here in Michigan at Stonehedge Fiber Mill .  About an 80-20 blend, 250 yard skeins made using white wool from our Corriedale ewes and white alpaca from nearby North Star Alpacas, my friend Maple's farm.  It's called "Wisewoman"....

This yarn is such a dream to knit with!  Perfect for shawls, cowls, hats and of course mittens! It brings sparkling detail to colorwork, you can see in the gloves below, paired with two more of our yarns "Murmurations" and "Lord John Grey"...

We're so proud to take this fiber from the pasture fields, to the skirting table, to the mill and then to the knitting needles (or crochet hooks)!  If you are interested in purchasing any of this yarn, you can find out how in this post.  Wisewoman....

Vedbaek shawl by Karina Westermann, knit in Wisewoman yarn. A fantastic pattern!

"They say, in the old days when a man would go forth to do a great deed, he would find a wisewoman and ask her to bless him. He would stand looking forth in the direction he would go and she would come behind him to say the words of prayer over him...Bless me, then, wisewoman," he said softly, "and go...." Dragonfly in Amber, Diana Gabaldon

NOTE:  All of our yarns, at this time, are named for lines or scenes from Diana Gabaldon's series of Outlander books.  If you haven't read them, I highly recommend a look!