Saturday, October 23, 2004

Cascading Leaves

Here is my in-progress Cascading Leaves Socks from the Townsend Sock Knit Along group. After a few false starts (lack of concentration on my part!) it has been flying along and I love it! The photo is a little dark and doesn't really show to advantage the rich chestnut of the wool-alpaca-llama handspun yarn. The llama was blended with a small amount of copper-gold glitz (angelina) that gives the illusion of frost on the leaves ;D

Knit on size 1 needles, the pattern is very stretchy and firm, so gives the llama and alpaca in the blend better staying power than it might otherwise have. Of course, the bounce of the Corriedale wool it has been combined with doesn't hurt either. I am really intending this pair to be for me to keep!

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Deborah said...

I love your new blog Cary! Yours is the first one I've bookmarked on my new computer!