Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Gregory and Gabrielle

I have been thinking today of my special friends, Gregory and Gabrielle and their folks Kurt and Deborah. They lost their home to Hurrican Ivan. We were blessed to have them visit Serenity Farms during the time of the storm and I can say truthfully that they have forever changed my life. So today, I am posting a couple of "hello" pictures to them.

This picture is for Gregory and shows the outside of "The Round House", a grainary converted to cabin on our property. Although he didn't actually get to spend the night there, he seemed quite taken with the peace and tranquility of it, so I thought he might enjoy seeing this picture. One day, if his family gets to come back for a visit, maybe they can camp there ;) Posted by Hello

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Deborah said...

Thank you. Gregory and Gabrielle have many wonderful memories of your farm and loved seeing "their" beloved round house again!