Sunday, August 20, 2006

Summer Socks from Stariel

Its here! My Summer Sock Party '06 goodies arrived from my swap partner right before I left for much fun is this????

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Stariel made me this sock. The pattern is Jaywalker - one I have read about and planned to try, but hadn't gotten around to it yet. Now I have the perfect opportunity! Knit in a lovely blue-turquoise-white Opal sock yarn and can you believe that I must have been the only sock knitter on the face of the planet who as not used Opal? Now I can! She also sent a really cute (and useful) tape measure; adorable note paper and (not pictured) the sweetest little soap with a fish embedded that grandson Mason just LOVES as well as a little tin of Boston Baked Beans.

Stariel had no way of knowing what memories those little candies would stir in me. As a kid, a big treat for this rural dwelling farm girl with four siblings, was to get to go to the movie theater in town. It had red velvet seats, a red velvet curtain, a stage, a balcony, plush carpet, a black marble drinking fountain AND a candy counter. I loved the candy coated peanuts you could get there with your popcorn, Boston Baked Beans. Now, I haven't had them in years but this sweet gift brought many good thoughts as well as a yummy treat!

I will cast on and knit the second sock as soon as I finish the Toe Up sock I am working on for an upcoming class.

My sock recipient just returned to Maine from an extended visit to Texas (does that give away who it is LOL!) and so her sock and party supplies are on their way to her. I hope she will enjoy my gift as much as I am enjoying mine.

Thank you, Stariel, for being a fun and generous swapper! And thank you to Tonia for creating this fun Sock Party...I am looking forward to the fall version ;)

UPDATE: I had already posted when I realized I had said nothing about the perfect fit of the sock! You would never guess that I had not knit this sock for myself, the fit is so good ;) So here is another picture, a "self-portrait" of the sock on my foot...taken at a funny angle because I was looking down at it - grin.

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Theresa said...

I have some Opal in my stash and have been thinking about doing the Jaywalker too! I am curious to know how you will like it! :o) The sock Stariel made you is beautiful and how fun that she sent something that was a memory for you!

Melissa said...

What a beautiful sock, you lucky girl! Have fun knitting the other one.

Stariel said...

I'm glad you liked the Boston Baked Beans! I just got them for the obvious reason, that I'm in Boston. ;)

I was dying to try Jaywalkers in a self-striping yarn, and I think this one turned out well. :)

Carissa said...

I love your sock! Opal is a great yarn, I think you'll enjoy working with it!