Tuesday, June 26, 2007

He Leads Me Beside Still Waters....

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Those of you who know me have heard me speak of the one weekend each year that I try to move everything else aside and travel with some very special friends to a cabin in the woods, overlooking a lake. We pack a change of clothes and toothbrushes, some simple food, our knitting projects and our spinning wheels. We visit the loons there, who call to us mysteriously in the dark (you can click on this link, if you aren't sure what a Common Loon is - or do a google search). They urge us to wake up in the morning and walk down to the dock to look across the stillness of the water. It seems to me that it is that very call and that very stillness that both calm and stir something in my soul and my heart every year that I am there.

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This year, in our everyday lives away from the lake, the world around us had changed. It is a very different place than it was a year ago ~ than it was even six months ago. Death and loss had invaded ~ unwanted, unwelcome, unexpected. And it is still so very real and fresh, walking hand in hand with one very special person in our group. But touching all of us in ways to numerous to list. Would the lake still offer the comfort and serenity it had in the past?

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It did. It offered sweet sleep under the rafters. It offered the beauty of a little blue eyed grass along the trails, glimpsed on a hike in the woods. If offered the bounty of the lake waters and fresh trout on the supper plate, thanks to the able fisher-women in our quartet! It offered bright colorful roving spinning around our wheels, and solutions to spinning and knitting problems as talk flowed around the screened-in porch. And especially in that call of the loons on the lake, reminding us of the mystery and uncertainty of life. Somehow in that, it seems we were reminded that we don't know or understand why ... that is a question we have to save for the day we meet God face to face. Sometimes as we walk ahead into those days after the loss of a person who meant so very much to us, we ask why in fear, in anguish, in sorrow and yes - in anger. But we remember that He is a good God. We can trust His heart for us. He does lead us beside still waters....He does lead us through the valley of the shadow of death.

I don't know, maybe my jumbled up words aren't making any sense....I only know that in that huge, aching hole of sorrow was also a reminder of life, and friendship and the beauty He allows us to glimpse to give us hope to continue on. To slowly and cautiously stick our toe in the water of life and keep going. It seemed to me that we were able to do that this weekend.

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Maybe I should be quiet and just let some of the profoundness of the place speak to you? Here they are, just a few images captured:

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I am sorry that in my photo journalism (LOL!) I didn't capture an image of Mary, another of the four of us, on film! The fish in the picture above were actually taken by Mary and Carol, with Pat manning the net. In this photo you see Carol on the left, and Pat on the right.

I am so grateful for the friends I have who even offered me the chance to share in this very special place! Every year I am awed and honored to be asked again to make the trek. It has become a golden nugget of the year to go. I already have this years memories tucked quietly away in my heart, to carry me through till next time.

So, to Pat and Carol and Mary ~ thank you. Till next time ~

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Denise said...

The pictures are fabulous Cary. They are almost as beautiful as your words. Which are almost as amazing as your insights.

God bless you and your friends. May He keep us all.

Carissa said...

What an amazing trip! You did a wonderful job capturing the meaning of the weekend with both your words and your pictures. I am so glad that you were able to get away and have a refresher for your soul!

Theresa said...

AWESOME photos Cary! I was squirming out of my chair with excitement wishing I was there to photograph...love the wooden boat and the SERENE water! You writing was very beautiful too! Thanks for sharing with us. I wish I could live there! :o)

Dharmafey said...

Thanks, Cary, for sharing those beautiful pictures and sentiments. How wonderful for you!


Kim said...

What beautiful, peaceful pictures....just lovely.

Deb said...

What a beautiful location! Its wonderful to have friends to share those moments with.