Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another Lime & Violet Friend!

Woo-hoo! Another of my fibery friends has been featured at Lime & Violets Daily Chum blog! Go and check out the September 18th ESotD (Etsy Shop of the Day) here

It is a very deserving friend, Sharon of Ewe 'n Me! I have been a friend/customer of Sharon's for a while now and am always singing her praises to all who will listen ;) Here is some of her beautiful, soft sock yarn in action!

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This yarn was called Roses and Violets, but to me it is the exact shade of some of my lovely orchid colored irises that bloomed in the spring (see the proof below):

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It was an absolute dream to work with ~ soothing in color and texture. The pattern is called Scallop Stitch Sock and is a free online pattern, I think from the Socknitters website. It is now on its way to a sock swapping pal across the country.

And if you think this yarn is pretty, be sure to visit her Etsy site (link above) and check out some of her handdyed and carded spinning batts, especially those with silk....ooooh, dreamy stuff! And yes, I have some (several!) of those in my stash as well!

Congratulations to a very special lady for a very deserving focus on her talents ;D


Carissa said...

Those socks are so pretty! I love the colors, and I especially love the iris picture, since they are one of my favorite flowers!

Deb said...

As the owner of that sock project I too say it is beautiful yarn:)
Thank you again Cary!

Brooke said...

Yay Sharon!! Another fabulous Etsyan :)

Hi Cary, just thought I'd stop by and say hi :) It's been a long week for me...

ewenme said...

3Hi Cary,

Thank you for the compliments on the sock yarns I dye and sell through my Etsy Store.

The socks you knitted with this sock yarn turned out beautifully!

These sock yarns are lovely to knit with and so soft!

The yarn matches your Iris.... amazing! I guess I need to rename this colorway.

Kay said...

Hi Cary,

I got your email about the Fall swap. I accidentally deleted it and don't have your email address. Just wanted to let you know I'm looking forward to gettin the swap box.