Thursday, October 25, 2007

Evening Chores...

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(Evening chores ~ and a nice, clean barn!)

By tomorrow night, the October moon will be full, in all of its glory...but it is already close! Last night it shone brightly in my bedroom window, which faces east. This morning it hung over the western sky and peeked in on me as I did the breakfast dishes. As it sank towards that horizon, it grew larger and brighter - glowing red orange before it sank behind the trees.

Tonight as I did the evening chores, the ewes left their pasture and crowded into the newly cleaned barn to see what I was up to. As I looked out at them, I could see the moon rising above the trees again. I couldn't get a great picture because of the fading light outside, but a few of them turned out okay. Here is one of the group:

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And this one, though even more blurry, is of Alex's yearling ewe Coryn - sniffing to see if I might be hiding any sheep cookies.

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I stayed outside until it was really dark and getting too cold. I expect a hard frost tonight.

Good night, Sheep. Good night, Moon.


Theresa said...

Keep the farm pictures coming Cary...I LOVE them! I love seeing pieces of your life and the peace of your farm!

Carissa said...

What great sheepy pictures! The last line of your post reminded me of "Goodnight Moon" by Margaret Wise, which I've mostly memorized by now!

Donna B said...

love that moon-and-sheep-in-the-barn picture. sigh.

Kay said...

What a fabulous picture! I could almost feel myself standing in the barn with the sheep looking at the moon.