Friday, February 29, 2008

The Promise

There hasn't been much writing going on here at Serenity Farms...people in this household (and the extended family) have been sick, sick and sicker ;[ I hope the worst of it all is behind us now.

Of course, sickness does not excuse a farmer/shepherd/wife/mother/grandmother from going to work or doing her work, does it? But somehow (on the farming/shepherding front), I feel that making myself get up, bundle up and trudge through the snow in sub-zero temperatures builds strength and actually keeps me going! At a time when I read or hear over and over about how people are fighting the "winter blues" or wondering how they can overcome depression or sadness, I realize again how blessed I am to be given the privilege to be on a small farm and care for livestock. It doesn't allow time for those feelings, and when I am least expecting it ~ something or someone does something to cheer me and lift my spirits. It might a ewe who pushes her nose into my hand for a scratch, or the antics of lambs or it might be the glory of a sunrise or the moon glowing over the fields that bring peace and joy. Or best of all might be a special moment shared on the farm with a family member!

Most of you know that I LOVE probably is my favorite season. But today, the photo I am leaving you with is one I took last spring and called "The Promise"...a row of lavender plants that border my long perennial garden, just beginning to show their promise of what will come. Here is to the promise of spring soon to come (and of course, the weeding of the garden that will go along with might notice the pile of weeds that I had been pulling on the lawn next to the garden!)


Saturday, February 02, 2008

Colorful, Creative Friends

I am blessed beyond measure to have so many talented friends. Many of these I have gotten acquainted with through the Christian Artisans yahoo group. Recently, I was able to meet one of those long distance friends, Lee, when she paid a visit to Michigan.


The photo above shows just some of the glorious colorways she has designed and dyed. Lee has an etsy shop, where you can go to purchase your own luscious sock yarn from her ~ it is Wild Meadows Yarn. She sells out quickly, but I know for a fact that she just received a large shipment of blank yarn that she is working her color creativity on, so more should be available soon! When she left my house, she was carrying three less skeins than what she arrived with - LOL! Be sure to check out her shop, I know you won't be disappointed.

Another friend is Cheryl. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her face to face, but she only lives one state away (Ohio) so maybe one day soon! Now, many of you know that I am a soap maker. I love homemade soap, and I love making my own. However, life is no longer affording me time to pull out the soap pots and get creative myself, so I am always happy to find another soap maker who's quality matches mine (at least in my opinion) I was thrilled to try Cheryl's "By The Hearth" is just part of my recent purchase from her, along with some beautiful stitch markers she made and sent to me for my birthday.


Don't her soaps look pretty next to some of Lee's "Wood Violets" yarn? Cheryl does not have an online shop, but if you would like to contact me I can put you in touch with her. (Note ~ in the photo above, the yarn is by Lee at Wild Meadows Yarn and the soap is by Cheryl at By The Hearth Soaps)

I'll end this post with a photo of the Creation of another very special Friend of mine, the most important Friend of all. It is my Heavenly Father's morning sky:


Isn't it lovely? I hope you will find time to visit Him as well....