Friday, May 23, 2008

Small Lots of Fleece For Sale ~ SOLD

ETA...All of the fleeces listed here have sold ~ thank you for looking! Please visit our website to see what might be available at this time ;)

CAITLIN ~ Corriedale ewe


I consider this one of my nicest white fleeces - it has it all! Very bright white, staple length averaging 4 inches, beautiful crimp and a dense, plush softness typical of my Corriedales. If you have never tried Corriedale fleece before, this one should win you over! 4 pounds at $12 per pound for $48 plus shipping **SOLD**

DELIGHT ~ Corriedale ewe lamb (Caitlyn's daughter)


This has the finest crimp of the fleeces offered here - it is very fine and with a staple length of 4 to 4.5 inches. Although coated, she has some pretty dirty tips (this happens sometimes with the finer fleeces) and so I am discounting to $12 per pound (lamb fleeces are usually $15). 2.5 pounds available for $30 plus shipping **SOLD**

DONOVAN ~ Corriedale ram lamb


A more traditional Corriedale fleece with good crimp. Average staple length 4 to 4.5inches. 4 pounds at $15 per pound for $60 plus shipping **SOLD**

This is a good opportunity for you to try Serenity Farms Corriedale wool!

I have also been doing some spinning and knitting, along with fence building. The cold, windy weather here in Michigan has not been very good for garden work though I have been doing some weeding in the perennial beds. What has everyone else been up to?

Let me know if you have any questions about the above fleeces ~ look forward to hearing from you, and hoping the web site will be back up and running soon!

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