Sunday, June 22, 2008

Will it rain on the hay?

The hay is cut and ready to rake. The weather, as is usual during hay season, tortures us.

Look to the north:

See the dark clouds building over the woods and the hay field?

I turn and look to the southwest:

See the beautiful clear sunshine? This photo was taken just seconds after the last one!

Look to the east:

This picture over the house shows the two systems coming together!

Sigh....the old saying is to make hay while the sun shines. How's a farmer to know when you can literally get dizzy trying to figure it out! LOL!!!

I'll end with a picture taken a month or so ago. Those of you who have followed my blog for very long have seen many pictures taken looking out across this pasture field from our porch. This year, we plowed under part of this field that had been pasture for the past fifteen years. It was tired and increasingly full of thistle and needed rejuvination.

I'm not a big believer in plowing under pasture. But the thistle and June grass was getting ahead of the other things and it was time. This fall it will be corn...corn that will be picked, after which I can turn the ewes into the corn stubble over the winter. Then it will be planted to hay. I like hay fields ;)

So, I leave you with the sun tipping its hat to the woods of Serenity Farms and the ewes in their smaller pasture lots. There is still plenty for them to eat, especially with the rotational grazing.


And if you feel led, pray for our hay crop ;) The sprinkles we are getting seem so minor when I think of fellow farmers across the middle of our country who are completely under water from this springs floods. Pray for them.


Carissa said...

Praying for your hay, and all the other farmers out there too.

Lona said...

Ah, the hay...

Did you get it in without rain? The last of ours has been rained on 4 or 5 times and is very close to worthless. But we have a LOT put up already, so we aren't complaining at all.

That will be very different for you--cornfields, eh?

Val said...

Rain in hay season - double edged sword isn't it. Love it but can't live without it. Your account of it is very similar to ours in Saskatchewan. Your "Chocolate Truffle" roving is coming up next on my spinning wheel. Can't wait.