Friday, September 12, 2008

A Beautiful Swan

I have shown you pictures over the past few months of fiber I have received for my participation in the Fiber Swap Club over at Ravelry (by the way, I think they are currently taking sign-ups for the next go-around of this fun swap ~ go check it out!) This past week, I received my final package, this one from Cyndi at Mullers Lane Farm in Illinois.

Cyndi and I are kindred souls and have enjoyed some nice online visits about things in life that are important and sacred to us. When this fiber arrived and I opened it was of those "ohhhhhh" moments, when fiber or yarn is so lovely that it just takes your breath away. This is so perfectly "me"! Cyndi calls it "Ugly Duckling" and she wrote that "the Ugly Duckling batts always spin into Swans for me". Well, let me tell you I can hardly wait to begin spinning these!!! On the other hand, the are nice just to look at the way they are ;) Oh...I haven't shared any pictures yet, have I? Well, here we go:

Isn't she lovely sitting amongst some of my potted plants in the shade garden? My camera skills aren't sufficient enough to capture the real richness of it all, but I will try with another closer look and include some of the soap

The fiber blend includes Merino, CVM, Camel Down and glitz. It is warm and rich and earthy and perfect for fall. I keep thinking mittens for my fiber projects right now - LOL - but it will depend on the yardage I get when spun. The soap is Cotton Blossom and there was also one called Pepper Zest that we are already using. I don't know if Cyndi is selling this fiber or not, but if she is you might want to hurry to her website and try to buy some before I claim more! She does offer soap for sale at her site.

Thank you my new friend! I will think of you all the while I am spinning. Over at the Falling For Ewe Autumn Yarn Swap at Ravelry, Amy asked us our favorite things about fall. Well, right now, this fiber is it! Okay, I just have to leave you with one last look, from a different perspective and then I will be quiet ~ Enjoy!


Pamala Rose said...

You make the swaps sound like such fun. One day I will have to join in. Until then I will just live vicariously through you if you don't mind.

Lona said...

Beautiful! Happy spinning (once you're done enjoying it in this form)...

Theresa said...

Wow! That is gorgeous and while mittens would be pretty, it's screaming LACE to me!