Wednesday, February 04, 2009

SUPER Super Bowl!!!


Excuse me for shouting, but that was one terrific football game! No matter which team you were pulling for, and even if you don't like football - it was a nail biter to the end! And a delightful way for me to end my special 50th Birthday WEEK celebration ;D

We had plenty of munchies plus party hats and balloons. The only mark against the day was that my poor little grandson was sick ;( He was brave, but celebrating was not in the cards for him that day.

Daughter and grandsons watching the game from Grandma's room. Steelers clothing compliments of Aunt Mo!

His little brother, however, took full advantage of the festivities and even helped himself to some of grandma's birthday cake while I was distracted. When I walked into the kitchen and found his hands (and the table, chair and floor) covered with frosting, I asked him what happened. He is two. He said "I don't know"

LOL..fingerprints in the chocolate!

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KnitNana said...

"I don't know..." he said as he licks the yummy bits off his fingers, table, floor...!!! HAHAHAHA!
And yes, what a game! It was great!