Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sheep and Pastures

Our bottle lamb, Francie, is doing well and growing, though she is still smaller than the other lambs her age. She nibbles at grass and eats soft hay and drinks water just like the other sheep.

She still has her bottle of milk replacer, but the feedings are farther apart. It was very hard for me to let her begin sleeping in the big barn (that first night I kept waking up wondering if I should go and get her!) She has her own pen, adjoing the pen for the main flock. Whenever I go to the barn, she gets to come out and help me with chores and other jobs. Just a few days ago, she helped me move the ewes and their lambs to new pasture. Here she is, looking things over:

We have been blessed this spring with good rains and weather, the pastures are doing well and the sheep were anxious to get to fresh grass. This is Amanda and her twins (by the way, this is the only white lamb this year out of the thirty five we have!) hurrying to check it out:

Desi's more colorful ewe lamb, below, decides this looks interesting:

(Isn't she a pretty lamb? I know she looks like she belongs in a flock of Jacob sheep, LOL, but she is all Corriedale, sired by our new ram Eli)

It wasn't long before the entire flock joined in and was spread out across the field, enjoying a good meal:

Francie and I were pretty tired after all of our hard work that day, but we were satisfied with a job well done and a happy flock of sheep ;D


Anonymous said...

Hi mom, I love to read your words and see your pictures. I "forget" sometimes what a beautiful spot God has given to us to call home.

My8kidsmom said...

Beautiful lambs!! And you're right the spotted one looks alot like a Jacob!