Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Updating Progress and FO's

Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments in my last post of projects! I thought it would be a good idea to show you some finished things and progress notes, just to keep the ball rolling you know!

First the finished February Two Needle Baby Sweater from Knitters Almanac:

I'm happy with it - it was especially fun knitting something with my own handspun, and the Lenten Rose was a beautiful fiber. Then I found this "Rose Quartz" color of Lambs Pride superwash...wouldn't it be a lovely complement to the sweater, to make a pair of the baby leggings out of this? Hmmm....

Then, a FO from a project that began some time ago - this is my take on Jane Thornley's Feather and Fan Organic Wrap. I only had a few rows to work on it, and ignored some other things to get it off the needles. Sigh...it just makes me happy to look at!

Now on to the progress of items not yet finished - my Moc Socks, that I made a foolish mistake on ;( Lost my rhythm and have yet to fix it and pick the socks back up:

Then there is my Bountiful Bohus sweater which is way, way far behind schedule. There is no way that I will be ready to cut the steek by class time this weekend! But I am plugging away on it:

The pattern is Bountiful Bohus by Chrissy Gardiner. You can actually find the pattern free online (something I wish I had known before I bought the book Big Girl Knits, where it is also published) Oh well, you can never have enough knitting books and there are some wonderful hints about making items to fit in the book... The yarn is our own millspun Corriedale, mostly from our dear ewe Ainsley, and I call it coffee bean brown ;) The colors for the yoke are handspun from our flock and I added some angora for that authentic "Bohus" look and feel. The class is being held at the Yarn Garden in Charlotte, my home town so I get a chance to visit family on the same day I go to class. I took the class to have some hand-holding for working and cutting a steek! Janeen, our instructor, is wonderful as is Lindsay, the shop owner. I missed last class and keeping my fingers crossed that I don't catch the grandsons colds and have to miss again.

Have been doing a bit of spinning, too, when I don't feel like knitting. My daughter helped change sheep coats this past week, too, and when I looked at my sheep calender I realized that we could begin lambing in just three weeks. Oh dear, time to call the shearer....


Deborah said...

So many pretty projects!

Birdsong said...

Love how the baby jacket turned out! I can imagine you will get a lot of pleasure from your wrap. Where is the Bountiful Bohus pattern located? Looks very appealing.

Holly said...

Oh, do! That pretty yarn needs to be leggings to go with that sweater-it's beautiful!

Val said...

Hi Carey,
You have done some lovely knitting this winter. Your spun yarn is lovely too.
I was happy to hear from you. I had somehow lost the link to your blog and now I have it again.
Best wishes for your shearing and lambing.

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Hi Carey! I have been thinking of you and your farm.

I hope your lambing season went well.

I'm sorry I did not get back to you, when you asked the question about mulching.

We experimented with mulching this past winter. We mulched some and some not. We are still trying to figure out how to prolong the fresh vegetable during winter. As of yet... we do not have problems with anything eating or burying in the mulch.

Your knitting is beautiful! I will certainly have my husband take a look at your work... it will definitely inspire him. ~grin~

To pick on favorite item you have shown, is too hard... But, I do really like the 'Wrap'. ~grin~

Have a blessed day!