Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Last Friday, with the greatest of joy, I attended a Relay For Life event. To celebrate the survival of a very special person that I have known most of my life and all of of my "little" brothers (I am lucky enough to have three). That is him, of course, being silly for the camera ;)

I never think of him as being a younger sibling, he really is more like an older brother to me...the one you turn to and rely on and ask advice of. That is what my brother Darin is for me. We were cohorts as children, and I don't remember ever fighting, although I'll bet my folks would remember differently ;D

This picture is of him with his wife, truly his partner for many many years now. They have two wonderful boys, young men. All were there in full support (as they have been each step of the way)

The emotions you feel at one of these events are so huge they are hard to explain. Different for me, as a sibling, then they are for each other person there I'm sure. Like I said, very hard to explain and still with me nearly a week later. I will never forget it, and I shouldn't. I took other photos with some of the other family and friends but they didn't turn out (I wish they would have...maybe my hands and heart were shaking to much)

Congratulations, brother of mine. We love you so much...


Joanne said...

Cary, I am so glad that you were able to attend the Relay for Life! Thanks for sharing it with us, too.

Margaret at Heritage Yarns said...

Cary, what a special memory this will always be for you and your family. There's nothing like these kinds of times to realize how deep love goes.