Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Finally Here

The snow I wished for arrived over the weekend!

We didn't get walloped with the blizzards that hit all around us, but we got a few inches of the white stuff followed by howling winds and bitter wind chill temperatures. Still, the sun is shining this morning and the snow is fresh and bright. The house is warm and the coffee is hot ;)

Yesterday, in the midst of the storm hitting, I had help from the kids and grandkids putting the finishing touches on the winter barn preparations. LOL...Bill said we were about a week late getting it done, but we had to plan around work and school schedules. So with the teenager, the daughter and son-in-law and both little grandsons we got sheep moved (rams seperated from the breeding ewes and ewe lambs brought down to the big barn to join the ewe flock for winter); changed a few sheep coats that needed to be sized up; set up hay feeders for the winter months and put the windows in the barn to keep cold winds out. Oh, and Charlotte's foot is all healed up so she rejoined the flock after the ram was pulled out. The two rams are in tight quarters for a time so they can't injure or kill one another while they learn to deal with the fact that they are bachelors again for another year. Their winter living quarters are all ready for them, and I will run them outside in a few days.

The only thing left to do now is catch up some of the free ranging chickens and put them in their winter living quarters to keep them from pooping all over the sheep feeders and hiding their eggs where they will freeze before I can gather them.

After all the work outside, we came in and enjoyed a fine winter meal of roast pork and red skinned potatoes (thanks, Uncle Mike!) cooked up with onions and garlic, baked winter squash (oh my, this was as good as desert!), lima beans and then blueberry crisp for the actual dessert. What a joy and a priviledge to have family to share the work and the blessings! Bill and I truly are blessed.

I hope you all are tucked in snug and warm this December morning! I have water buckets to thaw out, but even in that I can be thankful. Thankful that I have water at hand...

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