Sunday, May 01, 2011

Looking For Spring Where We Can

Even the chickens seem to be searching for signs ~

I often like to start a new month's blogging by looking back at the archives to see what I wrote about a year ago (or more). It looks like I managed to post at least twice in May the past few years, but didn't start until the middle of the month ;) So maybe I am ahead of myself this year? LOL...

One thing that is not ahead of itself for sure is our "spring" weather. Earlier this week I was outside trying to get some decent photos of our new wool rovings when I started to see some "peeks" of the change of weather. Daffodils, of course - they have been here for a few weeks and are all over the blog world right now:

And we enjoyed Easter, especially coloring eggs and dyeing yarns with grandchildren:

But around the yard things are changing, too!

Above, Mrs Moon Bethlehem Sage

Lilacs and lace (won't be long till the blooms appear!)

And isn't the rich glow of color from the Arborvitae "Goldy" inspiring?

I know it won't be long...or maybe it is already here, but hiding? What's going on in your yard?

With a serious and heavy heart, I can't help but think of those affected by the destruction of last weeks tornados. Several blog is almost unimaginable! Please keep folks in your prayers...


Jody said...

HI Cary...It seems like everything is a little late this year doesn't it?
Our lilacs have big fat green buds on them and so do the trees but thats about it. No Narcissus yet.

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Good morning Jody! Yes, even the pastures are slow to get started (or at least the sheep seem to think so!) I'll bet your weather is pretty similar to ours.