Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Taking A Day Trip

To nearby Maple Valley Farms for a Farmgirl Frolic! 

Cottage window charm at Maple Valley Farms Cottage
With the hay finished here on this side of the farm, the farmer who partners with us made the wise decision to wait on cutting the other farm because it rained for two days.  I hesitated when Angie made the invitation, but my dear husband thought I should go ~ and I'm so glad that I did!  A small group of us made our way to a flea market and then shared good food and fellowship at The Cottage.  It was so good to see Homemaker Ang after the long winter (if you have never visited before, be sure to check out her amazing family farm blog at the link above!)

These were my flea market finds/purchases - a set of wooden platters with the flower detail you see above (a set of four for $2 and the vendor threw in a second set for no extra charge - I didn't even have to ask, LOL!) plus a lovely new Martha Washington geranium and several scented geraniums as well.

A very good day.  Thank you Angie ;)

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Jody said...

I luv Martha Washington geraniums and the scented geraniums are really wonderful if you can find them. They are only the lemon ones around here.