Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Not Just Our Yarns

Even though there is nothing that compares to knitting with yarn I have spun myself, from wool grown here at the farm from our own sheep, sometimes we do knit with commercial wool yarn (and yes, even when it is purchased yarn it is nearly always wool)  For example, this pair of purple Railroad Rib socks is made from Cascade 220 wool - a favorite (as is anything from the folks at Brown Sheep company)

Sometimes I am drawn to wildly colored yarn, like the Trekking brand I am using in this pair of socks in progress:

At least I think this is Trekking yarn.  It was a gift and now I can't find the ball band that would tell me for sure ;(  Anyway, the colorway is a perfect compliment to the bucketful of cherry tomatoes, don't you agree?  The pattern is a great one, too, called Honey Badger.  Not boring at all and works well with the colorful sock yarn. 

Sock yarns are nice for other small projects, too.

My daughter is a fantastic knitter - her skills far surpass mine and I couldn't be more proud of her!  She recently made the shawlette pictured above, it is one of Rosemary Hill's designs called Live Oak Shawlette, from one skein of Plymouth sock yarn.  Here is a closeup of the edging:

And another one of the entire shawl, looking like it is going to take flight from the tree!

I don't always like these types of yarn for lace patterns, but this subtle blend of blues worked out really nice.  She made it as a gift for someone special.

Not all of the wool yarn that I purchase is exactly commercial.  I like to buy yarn from other farmers/shepherds, and one of my favorites is a Michigan family farm, my friends Lona and Mike at Shady Side Farm.  The project below is from a few years ago, but I loved using their yarn.  I got another skein after that (actually while on a farm tour of their place!) of natural white and also one of mixed blues and greens.

The pink and grey skeins are yarn from our sheep, the speckled skein is from Shady Side Farm, fellow Michigan farmers
So even if you don't raise sheep and spin your own yarns, there are tons of great choices available to knit and crochet with.  Even though my sheep don't think I should ever use anything but the wool they provide me with!

I think Ted is sticking out his tongue at commercial yarn, LOL!
Hope you find time to enjoy some yarn of any kind today ;)

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Linda J. said...

Love the socks and mittens!! What great patterns and colors.