Friday, October 28, 2011

Out Of Touch

Bree and Collette, sisters, born one year apart
It's time for my computer to gets its annual check-up ;)  So I will likely be out of touch for a few days till it gets back, but when I'm back on line there will be some sheep stories to share (thanks to those who have asked for them!) as well as a new soup recipe I'm sure.

We had a true, heavy killing frost last night - it coated everything with these lovely ice crystals!  A strong signal of change and promise of winter months ahead.  But truth be told, I prefer fall and winter!

A look across the ditch from our back yard
See you when we're back up and running ~


Lona said...

Hard frost here this morning, too. Just beautiful. I do like fall and winter, too, but I feel like time is just flying by while I try to grab a little of it as it goes past. So I'm mourning the passing of summer not because I miss the heat or the work (I don't), but because it's fall again! So soon...

Jody said...

Bree and Collette are very pretty sheep. Are they darker grey colour wool?
I have been away in Holland for the past couple weeks where there is no frost so it was hard to come home to weather that lets us know winter is just around the corner!

Magnolia Tea said...

Hi, found you through Maple Valley Farm. Your sheep are beautiful, and I love the projects knit from your own wool.