Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chocolate for Birthdays

Chocolate colored sheep that is!

This is "Godiva", one of our young ewes named for her rich chocolate color.  I'm sharing her picture in honor of my friend Joanne's birthday.  We  both had birthdays last week and she got to have Godiva Chocolate cheesecake for hers, so of course I had to mention Godiva the sheep to her...So here you go, my friend!

Godiva is not a Corriedale.  She is a registered CVM sheep from my friend Bonnie at Sheepy Thyme Farm.  She'll be two years old in March and should be expecting her first lamb - I can't wait!  She's bred to Derek, a grey, who always gives us interesting colors and fine fleeces on his lambs.  Godiva's father was moorit (red) and her mother was white so with all those colorful factors combined I'm hoping for something really special.  Actually, I'm hoping for a moorit type color!

So there you go, chocolate and sheep...a very fine thing for a birthday post I think.  Oh and speaking of lambs, we have one girl "making bag" (her udder is starting to fill with milk as her time for lambing gets close).  According to my notes, she should be due around the 5th of February.  It's our little "Bree" - one of the prettiest sheep on the farm.  Here's a picture of her and one of her lambs from a few years ago ~

She nearly always passes on that white stripe on the face of her lambs.


Jody said...

Happy Belated Birthday Cary!
Please show us pics of those lambies when they come. I still have to wait a couple months for our lambies :-)

Blessings said...

This post is so sweet...naming your sheep after "fine chocolates" is hilarious and amazing way to remember the greats.. both friends and chocolate!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday late! Godiva is such a pretty girl. We'll be hoping with you that she has special lambs, too.
Amy at Wheely Wooly Farm

Kate said...

Happy belated birthday. The CVM cross Finn that we bought from you has done a wonderful job of maintaining the CVM coloring. Button's daughter Rosie gave us two fine sons last year and one has beautiful CVM coloring and very shimmery fleece. Bree looks very cute!