Saturday, March 03, 2012

If You Are A Duck

....then you love the rainy downpours of the past few days and nights.  If you are a duck or if you are a farmer.  Particularly a grass farmer, I think, knowing how vital this late winter/early spring moisture is.  I was getting dressed to go out for chores last night when I saw "Dora", our Indian Runner duck enjoying the puddles in the driveway.  Can you see the raindrops splashing around her?  If you are a duck, or a farmer or a small boy with tall rubber boots, then you love this rain.

If you're a sheep or the thin-skinned, sort of pampered riding horse you don't love the rain quite so much.  We're using a lot of straw in the barn right now ((grin))  This is the kind of weather when you realize that you can no longer ignore the small leak you've had in your chore boots all winter when you come in with soggy wool socks.

Dora does not have any of these concerns.  She's a pretty happy duck!

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