Friday, March 30, 2012

Lamb Bowl

You've been asking for lamb pictures and I've been trying to get them, but honestly these lambs are still in high overdrive mode and most of my photos end up being blurrrrrrrs as they race from place to place.  I just happened to get this shot of one of Carley's boys sleeping soundly in a feed pan.  He did this for several days!  He's just a day or so old here - you can see he still had his tail at that point.

We've got lots of beautiful, wildly colored lambs this year with a good balance of ewes and rams.  Twenty-five on the ground right now, waiting for two more ewes to lamb and then we're done for the season.  I'll surely get some more pictures soon...and try to get more fleeces skirted and ready to ship out, too!

Anyone else have a lambing update?


Renee said...

oh he is so cute! Yes, I think the class went really well! I see you are on the Maple Valley "band wagon" too. Those are going to be great. Ang does a wonderful job. Okay, I am obviously not a sheep person. They have tails that long? I did not realize that! Do you dock them? When I first looked at the picture I thought he was laying on top of a cat:))

Jody said...

Hi Cary,
We have had 4 ewes lamb last week and have 9 lambs...2 ram lambs and 7 ewe lambs so far. Hoping the other 2 pregnant ewes will go this weekend. We got some beautiful black/silver Gotland lambs :-)
Pics on my blog.

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Hi Renee, yes I'm excited for the classes, too! I need to email you - are you taking any of the other classes? If so, we could car-pool from here if you'd like to!

You're right, our breed of sheep are born with quite long tails and we do dock them when they are just a day or two old.

Ohhh, Jody, can't wait to see your lamb pictures! I'm off to check them out now!