Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cue the Crochet

Knitting is my first love, but I do crochet and occasionally just like to pick up the crochet hook and do a quick project.  I'm especially fond of "granny squares" since I'm kind of a square-granny ;)  Did you know that March is National Crochet Month?  And that there are tons of really neat crochet patterns and projects out there - especially if you like "retro" or "vintage".  Here's a sample of a few of my favorite old potholders, all of them gifts to me from various friends and loved ones, most found at thrift stores.  I went on a binge a few years ago of making potholders like these but since my crochet, like my knitting, tends to be very loose tension they just never look that good ;(  But I keep trying!

Earlier this month, while visiting my favorite thrift store, I found these in the free basket - what a score!
The decorating book has some especially fun pieces and has me dreaming.  Another thing that keeps me dreaming about crochet is a blog I've followed for a long time, Attic24 - for some real eye candy you really should check it out.  And its not just crochet, not by a long mile, its all kinds of lovely things! 

My mom did beautiful crochet.  Her stitches were so precise and lovely (see the edging of one of the blankets she made for me below).  One of the sweetest things I have in my possession is the last project she was working on.  Its only a few rows, but along with the yarn and crochet hook is a little slip of paper with her handwriting.  As she grew weaker, it was hard for her to do much but she wanted to give it a try again to keep her hands busy.  It was to much for her so she sat it aside.  My brother, bless his heart, came across it in her night stand and saved it for me.  I have it in a basket near me now.

Do any of you crochet?  What is your favorite thing to make?  Why not pick up some crochet before this month is over!


odiie said...

I'm better at crochet than knitting, but I love knitting mittens and sweaters. I have the crocheted lace from my grandma and aunt and it's so beautifully done. Grandma always called it her fancy work.

June said...

I crochet Prayer Shawls mostly, and sometimes afghans. The Prayer Shawls go to the local hospital (the pattern came from & is called "simple three's".

Jody said...

I once crocheted a sweater and used to crochet all the time before I learned to knit. I rarely crochet now but I do love a granny square afghan in all different colours :-)

Linda Johnson said...

How sweet that you have your mom's work with her handwriting. What a keepsake!

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Linda, you're right - its one of my sweetest treasures ;) Jody, don't you love all the colorful grannysquares you can see on Ravelry? June, I think the Prayer Shawl ministries are such a blessing! And Odiie I love that name - fancy work!

Thank you all for the comments ;)

Joanne said...

I used to crochet, more than knit. But, when I learned to spin, I used my handspun for knitting and crocheting took a back seat, a far back seat. I picked up the hook about 2 years ago and had to relearn!! LOL! I am having fun making potholders, using worsted weight cotton yarns. Found the patterns on Ravelry.