Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sweeping Away Cobwebs

Yesterday, Saturday, I spent the afternoon pitching manure and sweeping cobwebs down in the old basement barn, mostly in preparation of lambing "jugs" (little pens to put mamas and new babies when they start to arrive in a few weeks).  It was a perfect day for it - sunny, slightly breezy and dry.  Even though now days we clean the barn with a borrowed skid steer and loader, there are still some parts that just need the wheelbarrow, pitchfork and a strong back.  Anyone who has every pitched sheep manure knows how true this is!

Anyway, I couldn't help but reflect that on this day between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, my spiritual "basement" needs the same attention.  Hands on, hard work, me and God digging in deep, sweeping away and opening boarded up windows to the Light.

Barn floor, free from manure and most of the cobwebs!
Thank you, God, for Your saving grace and Divine Love that allows us that chance!  I can face this day with a fresher start than yesterday.  Happy Easter!


Lona said...

Yes. Happy Easter, Cary!

Kate said...

Happy Easter Cary!

Joanne said...

How true for all of us, Cary. Thanks!