Wednesday, May 08, 2013


 Well, its not exactly the first of May "May-Day" but this is a day in May ((grin)).  I see from the blog here that it's been a month since I posted last and Collette's little ewe lamb (at left) might be asking "where have you been?"  And the answer would be that in that month's time we've sheared all but six in the flock and finished lambing just two days ago!  Also in that time we said good-bye to a dear and treasured sheep, a friend from the beginning and a very sad day in this shepherd's life.

Sleep well, sweet Charlotte!  Just a few days after Charlotte's passing, her best buddy in the flock (and the other half of my original two sheep purchase from Mar-Rita Farms) Violet gave birth to a set of twins, a ewe and a ram (see their photo at the end of this post).  I was wishing the ewe would have been the white one but she is natural colored.  Still - in memory of Charlotte - the little ewe is named Katie-Charlotte.

I've taken a few more lamb pictures and I'll try to get a some posted over the next day or two.  I'm trying to skirt fleeces and share them, too.  In the meantime, enjoy this lovely spring in Michigan weather!  And give an extra hug or pat to those special animals in your life from me and Charlotte, will you?


Linda said...

Beautiful photos.

Jody said...

Sorry for your loss Cary....I will give my ewes an extra hug in honour of Charlotte :-)