Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nothing To Show

Well, "tomorrow" has come and gone and I'm afraid there is no sock update....illness has hit the farm, in the house and in the barn.  Sick people, sick sheep, broken down tractor and temperatures that have decided to hit July numbers a few days early all combine with some small but ongoing house repairs and fix-ups to make for unproductive days for wife-mom-grandma-farmer-shepherd-gardner!!!  Truthfully, they seem unproductive but just getting through them is a huge blessing ;)

Will you all hang in there with me till the next sock post?  Till then I'll leave you with a peek at what's blooming, so heavenly, beside our back porch ~

 That's Valerian.  And the Lavender, oh my!!!  Such a delight...this photo is from last year but it looks much the same today.

 See you soon!


Jody said...

Sending "Get well soon" wishes to both you and your sheep Cary :-)

Lona said...

Oh, goodness. Hope all are well soon--even the tractor. :(

Joanne said...

Beautiful! I hope all are feeling well soon!!!