Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Unscheduled detour

Things in the spinning and knitting department come to a screeching halt as second cutting hay making begins - just as the temperatures soar over 90 degrees and a heat index over 100...the humidity is making it difficult for the hay to cure (dry) properly.  And its dangerous for people to be working out in it.  And now it looks like rain (which we also need!)  So no yarn progress today, or until hay is in the barn and we recover from the stress, LOL!  ETA:  But while you're waiting for my sock/yarn updates, please stop over at my friend Susan's blog and see what a wonderful job she's done with her spinning and knitting!!!

 This is how things looked on Sunday morning (cutting the hay started on Saturday)  The "boss" and I ate our breakfast and shared our coffee on the back porch, admiring the field and studying Ephesians.  I think Bill was explaining something to me in this picture (he didn't know I was behind him with the  camera!)

Hopefully when I next check in, there will be square bales in the barn...

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Kate said...

Cary ~ I hope you had more success than some of the folks by me. We had a sporadic shower event and several farmers had cut hay that morning.