Sunday, September 22, 2013

As Summer Slipped By

Just a few shots of summer, as she began to slip away ~  

Kentucky Wonder Beans planted by little gardeners and their flag displayed:

I don't plant many red and white flowers, but these petunias have been showstoppers this year:

 A new Rose of Sharon, and two sedums - stars of the late summer garden:

A closer look, including a honeybee in the sedum:

The first Aster to blossom, along with a late blooming Phlox.  Look at the buds on that aster!

Geraniums and Impatiens:

The back forty of the property, looking south towards the house:

And finally, one of the few sunflowers of many planted this year that survived the onslaught of rabbits and woodchucks to bloom wildly around the farm...this single stalk had twenty-two blossoms all at once!

The flower beds around the farm are winding down, but the trees are stepping it up to put on the show that begins our Autumn season....are you seeing the change of colors where you're at?


Endah Murniyati said...

Your garden look so beautiful! Really colorful flowers. Your blog is so interesting and inspiring. I invite you to visit my blog.
Have a nice week on your garden

June said...

Cary...I'm so glad to see your post. I was concerned about you. No serious change in leaves in NC yet, that comes in late October, but I remember the beautiful maples in MI the year we moved away Oct. 1st. I will never forget my beloved Michigan!

Kate said...

Hey Good to hear from you! I was getting a little concerned as well. The weedy stuff are changing colors here. Not too many trees just yet. We are still harvesting apples. We had a wonderful abundance of fruit this year. Take care!

Jody said...

My favourite time of year is here and I want wool all around me!
I'm sure the sheep are enjoying the cooler weather and I need to get jackets on the lambs before they destroy their fleeces haha :-) I am making a blend of the grey Corriedale lamb you sent me with some kid mohair in a pewter colour...lovely stuff, will be a joy to spin.

Joanne said...

Love all of your flowers, Cary! Beautiful! Sadly, all of my flowers were eaten by grasshoppers! It is so dry here, and hot. We are still in a drought, as is much of Texas. Our fall colors will come around Thanksgiving. Although, some leaves are dropping from the trees, because of the drought, we still have a lot on there to change color.

Tipper said...

Lovely peek into the last of your summer : )