Saturday, February 15, 2014

Belated Valentine Treat

Not candy or flowers for this girl ~ I wanted some colorful roving and so look what I treated myself to:

My fiber heart is called "Wild Thang" and I bought it from Blue Dog Fiber Arts .  The link is to her Etsy shop where there are many other lovely yarns and rovings.  Customer service was great and the colors of the merino are just the bright spot I needed.  So happy Valentine's Day to me! I've already spun a sample 3-ply yarn and its perfect, I'll try to take a picture and share.

Don't I have plenty of fiber of my own?  Oh yes, I'm surrounded by it at the moment, but sometimes you just need a little instant gratification and supporting other small fiber folks is a cheerful way to do it - plus it gives me a little break from washing fleeces (an example below)!

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Kate said...

Thanks for posting this about the fiber. We too are looking for color in these cold white can't wait for spring days. Mary Kate has gotten very good at spinning and I have been looking for a good source of colored fleece. Take care! and Thanks again!