Friday, December 04, 2015

Advent-a-Long Day 2 and 3

My husband, bless his heart, is doing a fantastic job of choosing which bag to open each morning - so far we have glittery green, red and then a jeweled blue.  I didn't get a photo of Thursday's blue, but here is the red and green along with the second stitch marker that I made ~

We're having a lot of fun opening the package of surprise yarn and knitting over coffee in the morning.  I'm loving the way these are coming together with the charcoal grey...I kind of wish I'd done socks now, it seems like they'd be a fun pair to wear through the winter.

Since I didn't get a snapshot of Thursday's blue, I thought instead I'd share a picture of my little yarns gathered together waiting for coffee to finish!

I'm off to a Christmas lunch today, celebrating the Joy it means to us with a small group of friends.  That isn't something I usually do, but I'll admit to looking forward to the time away.  I'll be back with some new pictures later today or else tomorrow.  Did any of you decide to do some Advent along knitting?

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