Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Just Because ~

A few pictures of yarns and knits and the colors of autumn ~

We still have our natural color Corriedale yarns available for purchase...a lovely Christmas gift for the knitter in your life perhaps?  Or to treat yourself? See more here, and of course I'm always available to answer questions ;)


Kate said...

Hi Cary,
I love some of these knits. I have made two things with two colors, but I don't have much patience with it. Thanks for posting.

Hope you are staying warm and cozy. If I don't get back before Christmas ~ Merry Christmas!

Kate said...

Where did you get the shawl pin? I am trying to find places that would carry them. Thanks!

assignment writing service said...

The colors of autumn are cool to keep you warm. Happy to see such innovative patterns and ideas. I will try one of those sometime. You are lucky to have such a lifestyle in the era of technologies.