Wednesday, May 25, 2005

More Mom Stuff

I have the most beautiful, talented and wonderful Mom in the whole entire world!

Okay, so maybe I am biased about that, but I am pretty sure that she is the best mom for me (grin) Following Mothers Day, I thought I might show some of the things she creates. First of all, I wanted you all to see what I brought home...something she did for me on my workhorse, plain Jane, Louet S-17 spinning wheel (this is the bargain wheel that Louet offers). I asked Mom to paint just a few sheep on it for me and here is what she did:

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And then a closer look:

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In the photo above, the white sheep appears to be smeared, but it isn't...maybe it was a reflection with the camera? Anyway, I put a clear finish over the wheel after mom painted. I sell Louet spinning wheels from my home, Serenity Farms, and wanted to offer these inexpensive wheels, but also wanted to have one on hand for customers to try. This is it! Thank you Mom!

My Mom makes exquisite quilts, hand appliqued. Here is a photo (below) of just one of them. My own personal quilt was made with dozens of pansy flowers all over it, my favorite flower.

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She also makes birdhouses out of recycled materials - old barn wood and fencing materials, tin, etc. Each one is different from all the rest, one of a kind, and all different sizes. I have several in my garden, this is just one of them:

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My Mom is the world's best cook! This past weekend, she was making cinnamon rolls with a third generation - as my grandson Mason (her great-grandson) watched carefully and then sampled some of the creation.

I love my Mom and am thankful that God gave me to her, or her to me. He always knows what He is doing, doesn't He?


Melissa said...

Cary, your mom's stuff is beautiful!! How can one lady have so much talent? I like having multiple craft talents too, and enjoyed seeing hers. Thanks for sharing!!

Pamela said...

Boy oh boy, you have one very talented Mum. I love the quilt and only wish my applique skills were half as good.

Denise said...

Can you share, please!!?? You know how some people say, "pass the peas," at the dinner table? When I saw these pictures, I thought, "pass the mom, please." : )

I love her work. The bird house is fab!! The wheel is just perfect, but the quilt - that took my breath away. I looovvee the quilt.

You are a lucky duck!


Deborah said...

Your mom is so talented! You are so fortunate to have such a crafty mom! What a neat bonding thing.