Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mothers Day Memories

I am so fortunate to have fantastic grandmothers and a wonderful mom to remember and enjoy today. I wanted to share some pictures from my past of me with my grandma's and my mom.

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This is my first birthday party and what strikes me about it is how the adults are all dressed up (even jewelry!) and the tea/coffee service is all put on with the little cake! This was 1960, different times for sure. I remember when Alex saw this photo, he asked if my mom was a movie star! Well, in my eyes (smile) I have a cool mom, all my friends wanted to visit my house and sit next to her when she came to school to help out - called a Room Mother, if I recall. We didn't have tons of money when we were little, but we didn't know it, not really. She woke us up with a face washing and a kiss, packed us lunches in paper sacks that always had little drawings on the front with our names and often notes inside. I adore her more today than ever! And my moms mother! Oh, there aren't enough grateful words to say about her! I learned to knit with my grannie....she didn't teach me, she didn't know how either, but when I was about 12 and having those awkward teenage years she decided we would take a class to learn to knit and so we did! Love you Mom and Grannie!

And Grandma Wilmore - all the warm and fuzzy memories of my childhood pretty much include my dear Grandma and their farm house. Grandma made bread, had jam and iced tea, was always up for a walk back to the river to explore (something I realize now was most likely very painful for her) and would let me read to her for what seemed like hours. With Grandma (and Grandpa) Wilmore, you always felt safe and important. I was so blessed to have been born on her birthday and I think that might have changed the course of my life! If I remember right, the dress she is wearing in this photo was deep teal green and felt so silky. She never wore pants till she was quite old, that I can remember. Sometimes in my dreams and memories I hear her voice and it always brings such longing to me... she left such a legacy...I miss you Grandma!

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And with all of this, I have an amazing daughter and adorable grandson that are a major part of my everyday life ...I am a truly blessed woman today! Happy Mothers Day!

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Melissa said...

What a nice post Cary! Thanks for sharing your memories:o)

Pamela said...

I really enjoyed reading your post. Wow, does your Mum look stylish :)

Deborah said...

I love those old pictures! What great memories you have.

Denise said...


I loved your pictures of when you were young. You look just like me!! Mason is just adorable and your daughter beautiful!!