Monday, June 26, 2006

Summer Sock Party Progress

On Friday, the beautiful yarn from my friend Eve arrived...ohhh, it is lovely stuff! So beautiful that I just want to keep it close by so that I can feast my eyes on it ;) It is called Breakfast In Bed and is 100% Merino, handpainted by Eve. You can see more of Eve's yarn and fibers at her website, Simply Divine Fibers & Yarns The colors are perfect for a summer themed party! Here it is alongside the pattern I am knitting from:

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I love the yarn so much that I had to start knitting with it right away, so I cast on and began. Here is progress so far:

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What do you think? Doesn't it just make you happy to look at it? It makes me so happy that I just ordered another skein from Eve, so that I can knit something for myself from it. This sock and the remaining yarn will be traveling across the country to my Sock Party Swap Pal ;)

Other summer photos -

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For my friend Denise, who wanted foal pictures. This is two of the 2006 Percheron foals. The black on the left is Shiloh, Stella's colt and the grey on the right is Lark, Lisa's filly. Lark looks like she is molting, doesn't she, as she sheds some of her baby coat to reveal the grey underneath. Stella's colt Shiloh may look brown, but that dull mousey brown will give way to a shiney black coat when he sheds out. Lark has an older sister, Lily, so I have a pair of grey full sisters from Lisa.

Speaking of lillies, this last picture is the site that greeted me for my morning coffee today:

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The rose is a shrub rose called Sally Holmes. The amazing Asiatic lily is a variety called My Fair Lady. Aren't they a wonderful compliment to each other? This photo is for my friend Pamela, who asked on her blog what was happening in our gardens. My alliums are just about ready to burst into full color as well, and some of the other lilies (including the magnificent Orientals) will follow close behind. The Phlox seem to be slow this year.


Melissa said...

Wow Cary, you are becoming a regular blogger, I love it! The socks are gorgeous! I wish I was your sock pal ;o)

Woven ~N~ Spun said... pretty

Denise said...

Oh Cary,

The flowers are fabulous and I LOVE the socks. The colors are perfect.

But, the (sniff, sniff) foals. Oh my. What an awesome picture of them. They are so beautiful! Waaahhh.

They look so Percheron-y! Those legs! And those heads!! Oh my, they are beautiful.

You are living my dream!! I am glad someone is and I am glad it is you!!

Carissa said...

I really like those socks, Cary! Eve's yarn looks so pretty. I love the roses and lilies, they are two of my favorite flowers.

MissyJoon said...

Cary--I am a sock party sister too--and I love that yarn so much, I may just be ordering some of my own--and the name if it is adorable!! Could you tell me where I could get the pattern?? Thanks so much!

. said...