Saturday, July 29, 2006

My Sweetest's Day

(Note: I wrote this on Thursday, July 27 - Bill's Birthday - but am just now able to post it. We were able to celebrate on the day!)

Today is my Sweetest's Birthday!

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The photo above was taken, oh...a few years ago ;p That is a very young Bill behind the wheel of the fancy automobile and his father, Elmer, is beside him. Also in the picture are Bill's cousin Donny and a friend, Clare Green. The picture was taken at The Chicago International. Bill has aged a bit since then, putting years and experiences behind him...adding wisdom and creating a past...has beautiful children and grandchildren... and a life with me as his wife for the past several years.

He asked me once how it was that I came to fall in love with him, and I knew the answer without hesitation... because when I saw him, I felt like I was home. Not because of this place that we live, because my childhood home in Eaton County is the one that physically feels like home (where you can safely drink the well water and happily breath the clean night air, find shade from the hot sun and climb rolling hills...) But it is because of this person that I share a life with, he is the one who feels like home!

I still feel that way today, when I drive in the driveway and he is sitting on the porch waiting, or calls out from the other room when I walk in the door "Oh, good, you're home!" Or when, during his recent extended hospital stay, I over hear him asking the nurse "where is my wife?" Or the night nurse confides in me that he was asking for me, but worried about me driving alone...and my heart melts. He would never let me know those things face to face.

Bill is a big man with a voice that makes you stop and take notice...but in a good way. Like George Beverly Shea or James Earl Jones (you know, Darth Vadar's voice?) He is a very private man, who doesn't like many people around and yet, people are always drawn to him like the proverbial flies to honey. I know I was ;)

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He rarely gives speaking engagements any more, but when he does he draws a crowd. The photo above was taken at the 2006 Horse Progress Days. He spoke of conformation and soundness in horses and so much more. The seats were full and folks were standing around the arena. There were many questions from the audience that kept him there past his alloted time and then spilled over outside ring afterwards:

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When he was tired enough to finally draw away, he was treated to his favorite ride - behind a good team of grey horses, Percheron geldings belonging to dear friends Hubert and Martha Zuiderveen. That is Hubert leaning on the wagon and his son is driving. Hubert must have been telling something funny by the look on Alex's face

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I have lived with this man for over thirteen years...known him even longer. And it is still a thrill to hear him speak, whether in public or private, to share his life every day. His knowledge and goodness are beyond me so many of those days! I never get tired of coming home to him.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!


Melissa said...

What a sweet post. I enjoyed learning a little more about Bill and seeing photos of him. I hope he had a nice birthday.

Pamela said...

Many happy returns of the day to Bill :)

Cary said...

Thank you Melissa and Pamela, he did have a nice quiet day I think, with ice cream cake (you know, those frozen concoctions?) Thanks for reading! Hugs Cary

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Oh Cary, this is, I think, the sweetest and dearest post that I have ever read.

Happy Birthday to your husband!

And, I wish you both many, many happy years ahead.


Nancy said...
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Nancy said...

Happy belated birthday to Bill. Cary, the tenderness and admiration between you and Bill is a delight to see. Thanks for sharing!

Carissa said...

What a wonderful post, Cary! Bill looks the part of a farmer! I hope that he had a wonderful birthday and enjoyed his ice cream cake (those are my favorite)!

damama said...

I think that it is great that not only do you love him, but you like him. (do you know what I mean?) He is a person that you would want to be friends with because of his qualities.. That is what I like about my husband too! I am glad the both of you had a great day.

Deborah said...

Oh Cary, what a great and honoring post. Bill is a really great guy and I am so glad to read such a neat post about him.

Cary said...

Thanks, guys, for the sweet comments ;) Yes, Bill does look the farmer part doesn't he? We say those are "formal" bib overalls - LOL! I do like him alot, Peggy, you are right, as well as love him. He is kind of a hero in my eyes ;)

Jules said...

Ok, I am teary-eyed now - So glad you and Dad are together! He is a pretty amazing guy. Thanks for putting that all in writing - beautiful! Much love to you both, Julie

Denise said...


I have read your post about Bill several times. What an awesome love story. It speaks so much about him but also so much about you.

Congratulations and happy birthday to Bill.

Patty said...

What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful Man. He is a super Father and friend too. I was in tears as well but they were tears of joy of how lucky I am to have him as my Daddy and how lucky we are to have you there for him as well. Much love to you both.