Thursday, October 05, 2006

Its October

Or should I say, its "Sock-tober"?

LOL - Sock knitting has a tendency to take over my life at times. It is my all time favorite thing to knit; I generally have at least three pairs of socks on the needles at any given time and I have a file full of free patterns from the internet that I would like to knit at some point as well as several sock pattern books (both old and new)

Presently, I am part of three sock swaps and two sock knit-a-longs (see links in the sidebar). I am teaching a Toes First Sock Knitting class at one of your local yarn shops. And I have been POURING over Nancy Bush's Vintage Sock book....oh, oh, oh LOVE that book ;)

Because most of the socks I am knitting right now are for other people out there in blog land who MIGHT stumble across this blog, I am not going to show any pictures of socks in progress. But since it is fall, and I am mostly knitting in fall colors, I thought I would include this photo from the Burnham woods as it is beginning to make colors. Happy sock knitting!!! And be sure to check out some of the links connecting us to the far-reaching world of sock knitting!

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Carissa said...

The autumnal colors are so pretty! I can hardly wait for fall here too. Enjoy your sock knitting, it is one of my favorites too!

Anonymous said...

Wish I could see sock progress! I love to watch them take form--in my hands or online!

Soooooo......if a certain Sockret Pal wanted to know what size your foot it.....what would you say? Lengthwise that is......

And, lets say that one sock is nearly done and a certain Sockret Pal forgot to ask if you have a particular aversion to superwash wool or handwashing your socks, what would you have to say about that?

Check your mailbox this week!!!

Cary said...

Oh my, Sockret Pal...I LOVE wool of any kind and have no trouble at all handwashing my socks ;)

Don't I have my sock size posted anywhere on this blog? Hmmm - I am a pretty easy fit with very medium sized feet (LOL) and am not fussy if they don't fit exactly. But, my foot is 9 1/2 inches length from heel to toe; 9 1/2 around the instep; 11 inches around the widest part of my calf; and I usually knit to a height of
around half way between my ankle bone and knee (around 7 inches high) but I don't mind shorter socks, either - like the kind that come just above the ankle?

Does that help?

Okay...that will be me, outside sleeping next to the mail box! LOL!

Carissa...we have even MORE colors this week!!!