Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Brooke Sighting

Ah-ha! I have been discovered - LOL!

Yes Brooke (or should I say Sock-ret Sleuth?) you have figured me out! Did the clues help? I went to the barn this morning to snap a photo of my sheep Brooke, to tease you with:

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If she looks a little disdainful, it is because I had no sheep cookies (also known as Vanilla Wafers) for her. She hates to come running, only to find there are no sheep cookies....she tells me so by turning away like this, then looking over her shoulder in disgust. This is quickly forgotten when she hears the rustle of the cookie box!

This is fun!!! And, now I can order sock yarn from you without trying to remain a secret ;D

Do you think we will be looked down on by other secret Sock-ret folks??? I don't think so, it is a pretty cool group!


Brooke said...

Haha!! No, I don't think we'll be social outcasts! I have a feeling others have found their way to each other as well :)

I looooove the picture of Brooke!! Is she considered a true black sheep? I have a BIG soft spot in my heart for black sheep, so I find it extremely amusing that we share the same'd you know? hahaha!!

Back to work on my mom's shawl. I'm so close to being done- Yay!!! I think I'll miss it when it's gone :( I'll send you pictures when it's finished, because I can't post them until after she receives it.

See you later alligator :)
Miz Sherlock Holmes

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Cary, I just love the pictures of your sheep and farm! : )

I hope that you are having wonderful and blessed holidays. Merry Christmas!