Monday, January 15, 2007

Finally, it's here!

Or ~ Would you like some snow with that coffee, ma'm?

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Finally, winter has decided to make an appearance in Michigan. And I LOVE it! At least, as long as I don't have to get in a vehicle and actually drive anywhere, I love it. The photo of the coffee mug (above) is a little out of focus I know, but I kind of like the funky way it looks with the horses and snow in the background! I was out on the porch taking pictures of my favorite coffee mug(s) for a swap I am in that involves coffee (and prayers), called A Life Overflowing, and I thought this picture would fit in well here at my farm blog.

What do Grandma's and boys do on snowy winter days when school is cancelled? Why, they go sledding of course! Here are Alex (our foster son) and Mason (our grandson) whoosing down the hill in the east pasture:

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And here is Mason climbing back up the hill. I don't think he ever stopped grinning the whole time we were outside and he kept saying "Sledding is FUN!"

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Sporty Cat joined us for the entire time, calmly taking several rides down the big hill with the boys and climbing on their prone, snow covered selves every time one took a spill. Who needs a rescue dog, we have Rescue Cat!

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The sheep took note of what we were doing, but declined to join in the fun (probably just as well, since Autry - the ram - may have taken issue with us spending time in HIS pasture. That's Autry, the large white sheep closest to the camera in the photo below. Bridgett is the girl with the snow covered face) Just to be sure, we shut them in the barn while we played in the pasture.

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Sledding was followed by hot cocoa with 'shmallows....Mason's name for marshmallows.

And finally, what do you do on a cold and snowy day if you are a pampered house kitten? Why, you curl up on the couch with a nice afghan, close to your brother:

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(By the way, we have tried to convince Sporty Cat to make the move from pampered BARN cat to pampered HOUSE cat. She will have NONE of it! But I wish she would change her mind, especially on these really cold days)

Life is sweet, and as I sit here blogging I am knitting on a warm and snuggly shawl project that is large enough now to keep me warm while I work! Hope everyone is safe and sound this fine January day...thinking especially of friends in Missouri who have livestock to care for....


Denise said...

Those are some great wintry pictures, Cary. I love them all, but I think the Rescue Cat takes the prize. I have never met a cat who likes to sled before! How funny!

Anonymous said...

Cary, I have enjoyed all the photos of the children and the kitties.

Anonymous said...

oops.... the anonymous post is from me.....


Theresa said...

Oh, Cary! You are such a fun Grandma/Mom! :o) I wish we were there to play. My kids have never had the pleasure of playing in the snow. I love the cat. I am very much a cat person and Sporty Cat sounds a lot like my folks' cat, who died at 18, looks the same too. Your photography skills are so good. Saw your other cup shot don't need an outside photographer for your book! :o)

Carissa said...

What great pictures! I love your mug and the picture. The boys and cats look they enjoyed the snow day!

Melissa said...

It looks like the boys had a lot of fun. I hope for Benjamin's sake that we at least get enough snow for him to sled once. He's been waiting for 2 months now, but we still have green grass!

KnitNana said...

What great the snow, and the sheep, and of course, the house kitties!
Enjoy's finally arriving (in temps, at least) here, too.

Janet Pohl said...


Well, I showed our cat Frosty the pictures of Sporty Cat, and he said to tell you that he is obviously a dog in a cat suit, and then he went back to sit by the fire. We so enjoyed the pictures and reading about your day. We even have snow this year in Western Washington, which has been a real treat. Love, Janet

Brooke said...

Thank you so much for sharing that! It kind of felt like I was there with you guys, not sitting here in air conditioning and 80 degree weather...argggg....January in Miami...

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Cary, Thank you for sharing the great pictures of the children having fun in the snow. I just smiled and smiled!

Stay warm and safe....just like the kitties. : )

Eve/Divine Fibers & Yarn said...

So that's where our snow went! Great photos Cary. My kids spent a lot of time sledding growing up, always lots of fun.

And how funny about the rescue cat, very cute.