Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Little Bit Of Fiber

On Saturday, the mail lady pulled into the driveway honking her horn ~ signaling a package of some sort for one of us. It was for me!

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This is from Melanie ~ a Christian Artisans friend who was also participating in a fiber swap I had joined back in the spring. Melanie said she was so surprised when she got my name to gift to and she was worried about her choice....well, not to worry because it is soooo pretty! Melanie dyed this Corriedale roving herself in a beautiful colorway that I look forward to spinning. There was also this chocolate "spud bar" - LOL, representing her home state of Idaho. Melanie has been participating in our Journey To A Shawl, and recently finished her project. It was truly a journey for her and you can go to her blog here and read more about it.

My package is nearly ready to send on to my "person". I am attending Michigan Fiber Festival this weekend and want to look for something else to tuck in the box, then it can be on its way. Aren't these kinds of swaps fun?!?

I thought I would leave you with another fiber photo, this one of the latest dyeing going on with pygora.

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There is wool, pygora, silk and some angelina sparkles in there. If all goes as planned, this will be traveling with me to Zeilingers in the morning. The color probably looks more pink to you than it really is ~ its actually kind of rose and orchid colored.


Carissa said...

The dyed corrie from Melanie is so pretty! And I just LOVE the pygora blend colors! I may need to count my pennies and save for that one!

knitterforlife said...

That is so pretty!!!!

Theresa said...

Melanie's fiber is beautiful and looks like a pair of socks waiting to happen! :o) Oh, boy! I might have to race Carissa in penny counting to get that pygora! LOL It's incredible!