Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Water For The Fields, Flowers and Soul

Guess what is happening at Serenity Farms this Tuesday????
(NOTE: Even though I wrote this post on Tuesday, somehow it ended up with Wednesdays date...LOL ~ it was hot and humid and sunny here on Wednesday!)

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It is raining!!! Those are PUDDLES in our driveway ;D

I woke up around 4:30 (maybe 5) this morning to the gentle rumble of thunder, a few weak flashes of lightning and the sound of rain softly pattering on the ground. It wasn't long before the rain had built enough momentum to run steadily off my roof and I had to get up and see it for myself. Put the coffee on, slipped on my rubber garden clogs and went outside just to soak it up (and get a bit soaked myself!) Even the bumble bees were happy, making wet buzzy sounds amidst the flowers. They gave me a quick looking over, probably wondering what the crazy person was doing out in the morning rain - LOL!

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I think I may have even giggled our loud at one point, I was so happy for the watering God was giving my garden....especially the pastures and hay fields! I kept thinking of the song the children sing in Vacation Bible School ~ do you know the ones where they try to get louder and louder each round?

Hallelu, hallelu, hallelu, Hallelujah
Praise Ye The Lord!!!

Anyway, I am thankful for the soaking rain that lasted a good bit of the day, then ended with a glorious sunset. The prospects of a third cutting of hay is looking better!

I do have knitting to write about, but not my own. You will have to check over at the Journey To A Shawl blog to see what I am talking about....see you there!

(By the way, have you heard about the Hanami Stole Knit A Long yet? Check that one out, too, especially if you are a fan of Pink Lemon Twist ~ you know, Mystery Stole 3? ~ patterns! Its not to late to join in!)


twistedspinner said...

Cary - thanks for being the FIRST to leave a comment on my new blog (my daughter doesn't count, I MADE her do it!) I have about half the yarn spun to dye for Hanami and it is taking FOREVER, but sure feels good to spin. I just mentioned today in my blog, but what a coincidence that my latest fleece purchase should be from a farm in Blanchard, so near to you. Weather today was terrible everywhere but here, it was almost hot. I knew there was a reason I moved here! Jeri

Carissa said...

What a welcome sight! We could use some rain like that! I love the picture of the hollyhocks! I need some of those when I have a garden. I just love the "cottage garden" type flowers.

knitterforlife said...

I'm way behind. Is this Hanami a posted/printed pattern or a mystery patern? I don't have a project going so my curiosity is peeking out to ask.